Project Description

Oxford Limited-Space Cozy Kitchen

Project Brief

Before the start of the finishing work in the kitchen you need to check the depth of the corners, ie the distance between the corner of the wall and the window or door opening. It will have an impact on the way to set up the furniture in the kitchen, their shape and depth. If you keep this in mind at the appropriate stage, you may find that you will be able to modify the existing system in such a way that the kitchen has become more functional and easy to arrange. For example, you will be able to use the full width of the kitchen counter in the corner by the door, or you will find that the small-scale processing find a new place on the refrigerator. Checks to add a simple rule about 10 inches to the width of the planned development.

Kitchen Design

If you want in the corner by the door refrigerator to set the depth of 60 cm, make sure that the distance from the corner to the door is at least 70 cm. If you hang in the corner by the window cabinet over the counter, try not to end at the edge of the recess – standard cabinets have a depth of 30 cm and 40-50 cm so the cavity will be just right. If you can not make modifications to the construction stage, you can save, pushing deeper equipment from the corners and wiping countertops and cabinets that are too broad. It is also worth thinking about an unusual building, for example, to build in a very shallow angle, you can schedule an unconventional deep closet pantry on one row of jars – may have shelf was only 15 inches deep!

Excellent Results

The height of the upper surface of the sill should be at least equal to the height of the kitchen – bay window would become an extension of the countertop and gain additional space, for example, pots of herbs. The downside to this approach, however, is the need to move away all subjects when you want to open the window. But sill located above the bespoke kitchen counter to blend seamlessly provide situation.

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