Project Description

London City Remarkable Kitchen

Project Brief

Least problems will be the implementation of this approach in the kitchen Oxford, which is located at the basement. Pipes can be run under her roof. If the kitchen is the living fitted quarters, you can do the same and cover the pipe suspended ceiling, as long as it does not reduce the height of the room is too much (when mounted ceiling should not be less than 250 cm).

Kitchen Design

Is required when the island is to be mounted sink and / or dishwasher. Its wires have a diameter of the largest of the need to install and to this must be carried out with a decrease bespoke kitchen in providing wastewater by gravity drainage, so the hardest to hide them. This installation can be carried out through the ceiling of the room beneath the kitchen Bicester or from the nearest vertical installation in a special channel underneath.

Kitchen’s materials

The island can have a traditional shape – square or rectangular – but you can also build a circular, an elliptical shape, L-shaped or semicircular. It is important to facilitate our daily activities in the kitchen, without causing a collision in passageways.


Small island is well-designed, using the principle of contrast. A small piece of furniture made in the same style and color as the rest will seem smaller than it actually is, and will die on the background of the whole, but when we use other materials or color than the rest of the interior, might give it a unique character.

Excellent Results

When the London Bespoke kitchen is decorated in the traditional way – building is set along the walls – water pipes and sewerage approach extending from divisions usually placed in the grooves in the wall under the plaster and laid on it facing either runs over the top of the wall cabinets. When we decide on the island, they must be somehow carried out on the center of the room. Usually this means you need to replace the floor, so if this does not cover the repair, you have to give up placing devices on the island. Can then be used as a storage space and a convenient work surface.

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