Project Description

Bicester Wood And Glossy Kitchen

Project Brief

In modern kitchen projects departs from the traditional top-down cabinets. Increasingly popular are custom solutions that add lightness to the building, while providing plenty of storage space and a comfortable worktops. It is this show on the following pages.

Kitchen Design

In a wide window decorated breakfast corner. Create a cozy atmosphere here wenge veneer clad walls. With a small table with a geometric form (made-to-size, as is the whole body), in contrast to a fairly massive rattan chairs. It is they, along with decorative accessories and honey-colored dominant cause in the modern interior association with colonial style.

Kitchen’s materials

They decided on two ovens (traditional and steam), which installed a high building; There also put a microwave and refrigerator. Culinary passion led them to build a long-topped island covered with a hob – they may jointly with her to try out new recipes.


Halogen light installed in the ceiling cornice with drywall enhances the decorative structure of travertine, which was lined with wall above the worktop. On the floor, however, are dark stoneware tiles.

Excellent Results

Kitchen open to living room with modern designed buildings selected referring to the Far Eastern style, characteristic for other design in this apartment. The furniture is very roomy and arranged so that each side is for easy access. Long worktops provide enough space to work.

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