Project Description

Bicester Kitchen Perfection

Project Brief

The kitchen is the most important place in every home, it should be functional, comfortable and tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the household. Kitchen furniture will allow you to create your dream kitchen arrangement. In our offer you will find both modern and classic furniture for the kitchen. Collections are characterized by rich colors, original design and niebanalnymi solutions, all at affordable prices. Let us take care of your kitchen as well!

Kitchen Design

White kitchen you can make in different ways. Arrangement can be both modern and traditional. In modern typically used simple geometric cabinet fronts połyskiwymi firmly. The space between the cabinets are finished with glass, sheet metal, stone or wallpaper. This arrangement is quite austere and minimalist.

Kitchen’s materials

The arrangement of the kitchen is not easy to detect complex forms and shapes or unnecessary items. Wooden furniture in such arrangements characterized by functionality and simplicity – smooth fronts and tops, which are usually in white or natural wood – so the kitchen is free, inspiring, and even cozy.


The decision to combine the kitchen with a living room depends on the mode of life which leads the household, features a living room and kitchen clutter tolerance and smells associated with cooking. Large importance is also the size and layout of the rooms.


With an open kitchen unlikely to be satisfied with the traditional three-generation family clearly educated division of roles and responsibilities of family, in which the individual household members lead a different lifestyle. If the family is large and preparing food takes up most of the day, with open plan kitchen living room will take over some of its functions – with all the smells, noises, bustle. The visit will be associated with confusion and adaptation of the rest of the family to this situation. Opening will be even more problematic if the official guests visiting family members with whom I do not want to share the details of the life of the kitchen.Sometimes the living room is treated as a reserve bedroom. In this case, open kitchen will be embarrassing for both parties – those who are asleep, and those who rummage surreptitiously at night in the fridge.

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