Project Description

Bicester Bespoke Enduring Flat Kitchen

Project Brief

The kitchen in this apartment was the enclosed, narrow and not very ustawnym. Therefore, it has been bespoke to both the living room and from the hallway; only “memorial” of the former distribution of the interior is a piece of the wall in the shape of the letter C is left at the front door. Colours open annex has been harmonized with the interior angle of the holiday. In both areas there are – but in different proportions – brown and white.

Kitchen Design

The purpose of this second color is an optical brightening the interior, which faces north. Connecting element between the two parts is also integrated lighting system controlled by one remote; with the possibility of Bicester several years. Not taking a break from their classes, they can remotely operate all light sources installed in the living room and the kitchen – lamp hanging over the island and table and decorative illumination shoulder and islands (framing the floor).

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