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Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens provide the perfect opportunity for creating a tidy, streamlined space, whilst freestanding units offer the flexibility to adapt kitchens be the best spot in the home.

Traditional Kitchens

Nothing can give you that sense of harmony and cordial like natural wood.If you are look after contemporary and timeless design, our wooden kitchen offer could meet you expectation.

Shaker Kitchens

When you appreciate the simplicity, but prefer fineness material and keeping elegant lines intact, choose Shaker design. Design witch you will love and enjoy for many years to come

Avenues of Your Bespoke Kitchen Chic

If you have your own project and looking for creator.


Free Consultation

We are happy to help you to show all technology and design opportunities for your bespoke kitchen. Do not hesitate to realize your idea and fill up our contact form or simply give us a call. We will respond four your enquiry in 1 working day. Our team member will contact you to converse/figure out your concept. We can visit your home to check measurements and kitchen layout, bring you samples of veneer, doors, worktops and handles, and consulate your idea.


Begin by taking a look at our kitchen design, found inspiration, bald all collected information will help us to perform an unique prototype. Using our experiences and knowledge we will modeling best usability and lush look in multi CAD environment. Rendered 3D design will have outlook for your fitted kitchen. At this stage, we can consult and improve your project till we cater for all of your desires. After your approval we will attach this project to the contract and sent to our factory.


Following the CAD blue print, by using modern technologies we still develop custom furniture. Unlike mass produced and handcrafted, custom kitchen is made according to specific category. As far we create individual kitchen we cared about every single detail. We can afford as accurate and precise machines to guarantee highest quality. Thats why this is so special. Not only by exceptional opportunity to arrangement, but also by outstanding potentiality to high quality perform.

The ultimate eclectic kitchen performer.

Hereby we contribute fabulous experience.

We are obligated by our quality policy to keep high standards. Based only on reliable suppliers, use best design practices, create production system to ensure greater consistency and reliability our services and products quality.

Our German kitchens are produced by our family owed business. Avoiding representatives we can assure competitive prices for hight value product. We are willing to realize both basic and advanced projects with very reasonable cost.

Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers.  Therefore consequently practice minimal financial protection. Due to the fact that once the kitchen has been created for custom we offer 50% deposit of kitchen price upon contract agreement. Our reliability is supported by the fact that next 30% will be upon delivery and rest after satisfactory completion.

We know that only valuable customer relationship , thereby develop strong brand of our company. At Vitreu we want to gain loyal customer and brand advocates. That’s why we reliable on advantages of benefits consistency. We offer our customers a strong warranty, after-sales care and rebates

Don’t be shy.And try cope with us now !

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & check our kitchen projects, or sent to us yours to compare witch competitors.

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